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Month: September, 2011

Thai Trip – Second day (September 29th) – Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 2 – The Super Big Jeans in Bangkok

Tabuchi-san and Kishimoto-san

Hello Mister,


I will continue my journal about Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok,now lets go to the second part of my journal.

Soon after we had a drink together in upper part of Isetan on Central World Plaza, I am going back to see the Booth of Momotaro Jeans on the 3rd floor.

Kishimoto-san, introduced me to Japan Blue label, which is the brand that also made in Okayama, but only sell outside Japan.

The cut is also more modern and the detail is not very complicated,He is trying to do more Experimental things with Japan Blue.

Tabuchi-san explained that Outside Japan,people like Slim fit cut way better than classic straight cut,it is almost impossible to sell classic straight cut fit outside Japan.

So that is the reason why Japan Blue on make slim cut and slim straight cut for overseas market.

Japan Blue Product, using Indigo and Black for weft,the other one is the used one

Tabuchi-san told me that the special one is Indigo for wrap and black for weft,which make a very beautiful fading after people wear it

Also, Momotaro offer special print that will only painted in Bangkok, a very beautiful pattern that mix Going to war flag stripes with Thailand’s .National flag, and the other one is Momotaro riding an elephant (as elephant is the symbol of Thailand).

Special edition for Momotaro Event at Isetan Bangkok only !

Time showed around 1400 pm, Tabuchi-san invited me to go for lunch,as it is his first day to Thailand,he and I decided to eat at Japanese restaurant in Isetan,and we have a chit chat about Japan and he taught me Some Japanese language.

After lunch, I decided to go to Siam to take a walk and look for the biggest shopping center in Bangkok.



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*More to go about my journal with Momotaro, Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 3 – The Last Supper

Thai Trip – Second day (September 29th) – Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 1 – Coffe break

The Thai's Traffic

Hello Mister,

Now I am on my way to Central World Plaza in Siam, Because I already have an appointment since last 2 week

It is an honor to be Invited by a famous brand like Momotaro jeans to attend their event, here in Bangkok

I entered the mall door and look for a sign to Isetan (Japanese departement store) in Central World.

Momotaro Jeans at Isetan Bangkok

Meet Tabuchi-san, my friend from Momotaro Jeans, whom I met once I went to Kojima, Okayama (which I will post after I go back to Indonesia)

and he introduced me to his partner,Kishimoto-san who is very very famous among all Japanese denim in Japan, because he was in charge in the fabric sales (very lucky on me to meet Kishimoto-san)

From left to right : Kishimoto-san and Tabuchi-san

After we have met,we are going to drink some coffee (actually i drink tea) together and discussed about business.

Done with the business discussion, we started to talk about a lot of things from A to Z about anything.

I also bring the first prototype of PRACT to Bangkok, so I ask Tabuchi-san to take a look and see the construction of the jeans.

Tabuchi-san take an inspection on PRACT prototype

It has improved a lot since the first time i bring my ESRE in Japan,the construction is way better now, and the details is more vintage than before.

The hemming construction check

We spent time together in almost one day,but I cant write em all down now,because I already have an appointment,so please waiting for :

Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 2 – The Super Big Jeans in Bangkok

Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 3 – The Last Supper


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Haruka Ayase - #1 actress in Japan nowadays

Thai Trip – Second day (September 29th) – A Morning in Bangkok

Motorcycle Taxi and Tuk Tuk

Hello Mister,

As it is my first morning in Bangkok, I have decided to take a walk around Silom, where I stayed in Bangkok

It is very similar with my hometown Jakarta, but Bangkok is more modern way beyond Jakarta for its Transportation infrastructure.

Silom road in The Morning

There is a lot of cadger around the street, they are selling rice,meat satay (I think it is pork or/and chicken) and some looks like just in Indonesia.

In the corner of the street, I saw a stall that looks very Indonesian, it is what I called Nasi Rames in Indonesia, where you can pick the topping for your food,usually they had veggie, chicken, meat, seafood, etc

Do you want "Nasi Rames" ?

Even though Bangkok is very modern today, Bangkok still keep and maintain their heritage and culture, a very similar scenery in Bali

This is located in the front of a big building

All the people are nice and Bangkok,but since I really looked like Thai, most of them think that I am a Thai and speak to me in Thai, and sometimes complain for something that i didn’t even know.

Soon I go back to my hostel to prepare to meet my friends in Siam.

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