Japan Trip

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Since i have lot of things to do, just by this day i have a chance to start writing on my personal blog.

I would like to tell about my first journey to fulfill my curiosity with denim fabric, so I decided to do a spiritual journey to Japan on July 2011.


Soekarno Hatta International Airport, Indonesia


But why Japan?

Japan is well known for one of the best skilled crafts  that planet earth have, Japan also have a tons of the best raw denim brand in the world, they had everything they need to create the best pairs of jeans in this universe, They had the ancient shuttle loom machines, Union Special and other vintage sewing machines, and the most important things is the human resources (skilled crafts).

That is the reason why i decided to go to Japan.

In my journey, I met a lot of people all over Japan, from Okinawa to Tokyo, by Plane and Shinkansen, for 12 days long just to meet 6 sensei to discuss, learn and study more about what they thought about this beautiful fabric, and what denim mean to them.


12 days

6 cities

6 sensei


For 1 beautiful fabric