Second day (July 6th) – The Next Flight

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

After take a walk and looking for something to eat and drink in the airport, finally our ticket for the flight next morning has arrived.

Since it is hard to book a domestic ticket from overseas, we ask a help from Iman’s friend in Tokyo, Riski

Iman and Riski

After Iman have a high school nostalgic chat with Riski, Riski show us around and tell us how to recognize Pork ( Since almost everything in Japan is made by Pork,at least by its oil)

Time ticking and show 0430, and Riski have to go back by his bicycle ( it takes approx 1 and half an hour to get to the airport from his place by bicycle)

And after we have a last good bye, we are ready to go to our next destination.

Big thanks for Riski for helping us buying the domestic tickets

Me and Riski outside Haneda International Airport