Double Volante Special Made for Dandy Harun

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

When I meet Yu-san in his Workshop in Okinawa city, I am not going to miss the chance to create my own Double Volante

So here the spec my Double Volante:

21oz Unsanforized Indigo Fabric, Red Line Selvedge

The Fabric Selection


Suspender Button

Reinforced Backpocket

Peek a Boo Coinpocket

Straight Cut

I thought Batik cloth bag is lame, but since we using 21oz Japanese fabric and sewed by Yu-san I think that will be great so,

Batik Cloth, Traditional Indonesian Fabric

Batik Cloth for Pocket bag and Reinforcement

Before i would like to combine Batik cloth with Biingata (i don’t know how to spell it right) which is traditional Okinawa fabric,but it take more time to make so I decided to make only batik cloth.

(you can see Biingata fabric in the video later) Because Yu-san is going to send it to my hostel in Tokyo.

After Selecting fabric and details, we are talking about the cut and thread color, I am choosing the color of lime and orange, and for the inseam and hemming I am choosing navy blue.

Discussing about my Double Volante

At first Yu-san is bit of surprised when I choose Navy color, but after I tell him my reason, seems like he know why I choose navy blue color.

And I am using this opportunity to ask them about my ESRE

Presenting ESRE to Yu-san and ask about his opinion

Which there is still need a lot of improvement beside he said the design is good (Arigatou Gozaimasu Yu-san)

Here you can see the process of making my jeans, i give you the link to Double Volante official website:

I really recommend you guys to order a pairs of Double Volante.


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