Second day (July 6th) – Friendship over Jeans

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

It is the another part of my day in Okinawa, where I meet a new good friend, Yu-san and his family.

From left to right : Yu-san's Father, Yu-san's Mother (Emiko-san), Me, Yu-san


They are very very good friends, we talk a lot of things beside denim, Yu-san parents often go to Bali for a holiday and in this opportunity Emiko-san (Yu-san’s Mother) Make us Okinawa nasi goreng and, Indonesian coffee

Special thank to Emiko-san who help us with every email we send to Double Volante.

Okinawa Nasi Goreng and Miso soup with a glass of ocha


After a tasty first lunch, Yu-san get us to American Village in Okinawa, which is a good place for shopping, and bring us to his friend, who is a Leather goods artist

American Village, Okinawa

Yu-san's Friend, The Leather goods artisan


Before we’re leaving American Village, Yu-san treat us with Okinawan Famous Blue Seal Ice Cream, which tastes really good.

at Blue Seal Ice Cream, American Village, Okinawa

Soon after that Yu-san dropped us in the hotel near airport

Yu-san Last Message

Soon we are going to have a goodbye and wishing that we can meet again someday



Sayonara, Yu-san