Third day (July 7th) – Kobe, Here I Come !!

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Today we are going to fly to our next destination

The beginning of the trip to Naha Airport, Okinawa


Monorail Station - I spoil my hair after approx 3km walking from the first picture above


And the flight is 0840, destination, Kobe, the port city of Japan.

Arrived on 1035, the atmosphere of the first city in mainland Japan is very different from Okinawa, which is more quite and peaceful.

Kobe is one of biggest city in Japan,with a lot of people doing economical activities here in Kobe

Welcome to Kobe

We are going to the downtown from the Airport by portliner, it is some kind of computer operating monorail that connected the station from Airport to Sannomiya station, where we should take the train to our next destination.

We decided to take a walk in this beautiful city,since we are free that day, so there is no need to rush to go to our next destination.

The Amazing portliner

I am going to share how amazing Kobe is in my next post, the only day we dancing in the rain in hot summer in Japan.


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