PRACT Prototype

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Yesterday i spent a day in suburb of Jakarta to create the first ever prototype of PRACT.

Today i would like to share it with you about the process of the jeans making (Video follow later)

The manufacturer is well known in Indonesia, lot of big brand and Japanese fabric local brand manufactured here.

along with Mr. Barry and his crew Mr. Dadang (Pattern maker) and Mr Endang (Sample maker), they helped me for sewing the first prototype of PRACT

Right Hand Twill Red Line Selvedge 14oz Indigo

We used Right hand twill red line selvedge 14 oz indigo 100% cotton from Hiroshima, Japan for our first prototype.

Mr. Dadang the pattern maker already create the pattern and every detailing that we have talked before on last Friday.

Using only the best machine, our Sample maker Mr. Endang spend a lot of time to create the near perfect jeans.

Before it began, they discuss about the detailing and the technique to create the sample.

Mr. Endang and Mr. Dadang


Started with sewed the coin pocket and the pocket bag, Mr. Endang using lock stitch machine, with the material of 12oz Hickory from Hiroshima, Japan

Coin Pocket on Progress

HIckory Pocket Bag, Indigo and Natural Color

Button Holing Using Reece

Next step is button holing by Reece machine,and cover stitch by Union Special, I decided to used Navy color for the thread

Union Special for cover stitch

Abd then we are going to sew the yoke using another legendary Union Special, for your information, our manufacturer only using the best quality machine for their production, so they have a lot of great machine there

Changing the needle

And then we are working on the back pocket, reinforced with the same material we used for the pocket bag, Hickory.

Back pocket Reinforced with Hickory

Next step is the attachment of the hidden rivet,using YKK washer burr for the best quality snap and fasteners

Hidden Rivet Attachment

and back againg to the sewing machine to sew the back pocket,using classic method of one way sewing

Classic method of sewing backpocket, only one way end to end

Mr Barry (on the left) is on Inspection

Finally we are going to cover stitch  and lock stitch the inseam

For the lock sticth I decided to use red color thread, for something that people rarely imagine

For Cover Sticth, We Used White Thread

Red is on Her Way


for the next step of the prototype process will be continue tonight


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