Thai Trip – Second day (September 29th) – A Morning in Bangkok

by Dandy H & Bro.

Motorcycle Taxi and Tuk Tuk

Hello Mister,

As it is my first morning in Bangkok, I have decided to take a walk around Silom, where I stayed in Bangkok

It is very similar with my hometown Jakarta, but Bangkok is more modern way beyond Jakarta for its Transportation infrastructure.

Silom road in The Morning

There is a lot of cadger around the street, they are selling rice,meat satay (I think it is pork or/and chicken) and some looks like just in Indonesia.

In the corner of the street, I saw a stall that looks very Indonesian, it is what I called Nasi Rames in Indonesia, where you can pick the topping for your food,usually they had veggie, chicken, meat, seafood, etc

Do you want "Nasi Rames" ?

Even though Bangkok is very modern today, Bangkok still keep and maintain their heritage and culture, a very similar scenery in Bali

This is located in the front of a big building

All the people are nice and Bangkok,but since I really looked like Thai, most of them think that I am a Thai and speak to me in Thai, and sometimes complain for something that i didn’t even know.

Soon I go back to my hostel to prepare to meet my friends in Siam.

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