Thai Trip – Second day (September 29th) – Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 1 – Coffe break

by Dandy H & Bro.

The Thai's Traffic

Hello Mister,

Now I am on my way to Central World Plaza in Siam, Because I already have an appointment since last 2 week

It is an honor to be Invited by a famous brand like Momotaro jeans to attend their event, here in Bangkok

I entered the mall door and look for a sign to Isetan (Japanese departement store) in Central World.

Momotaro Jeans at Isetan Bangkok

Meet Tabuchi-san, my friend from Momotaro Jeans, whom I met once I went to Kojima, Okayama (which I will post after I go back to Indonesia)

and he introduced me to his partner,Kishimoto-san who is very very famous among all Japanese denim in Japan, because he was in charge in the fabric sales (very lucky on me to meet Kishimoto-san)

From left to right : Kishimoto-san and Tabuchi-san

After we have met,we are going to drink some coffee (actually i drink tea) together and discussed about business.

Done with the business discussion, we started to talk about a lot of things from A to Z about anything.

I also bring the first prototype of PRACT to Bangkok, so I ask Tabuchi-san to take a look and see the construction of the jeans.

Tabuchi-san take an inspection on PRACT prototype

It has improved a lot since the first time i bring my ESRE in Japan,the construction is way better now, and the details is more vintage than before.

The hemming construction check

We spent time together in almost one day,but I cant write em all down now,because I already have an appointment,so please waiting for :

Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 2 – The Super Big Jeans in Bangkok

Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 3 – The Last Supper


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