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Month: October, 2011

PRACT – Ladies Fit

Hello Ladies (this time is special) ,


I would like to post the Ladies fit picture,

This one using the exact same fabric ,but we one washed it to rinse the starch (it will become more comfortable for the girls) even though I am using 100% cotton fabric, it will be still comfortable and more durable than stretchy fabric.

Manufactured in Super slim fit (almost looks like skinny fit) with low rise and zip fly, the details is the same with the Slim straight fit.

The Front Construction


The Back Construction

You can see the jeans is more softer than the raw one, this is the effect from one wash treatment.

I decided to used small size of back pocket, because women are rarely put their wallet on their back pocket

The Back

On this picture, you can see some details are still different with the slim straight cut, but don’t worry,because this one is still a prototype, i guarantee that the details will be the same with the other one,such as reinforcement back pocket, the red inseam,  hidden rivet, and other little details.

Peek a boo and softer fabric (you can see the different of the one wash and raw one)


We will released it after the full version of PRACT Japan trip video on late 2011.


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Ninth day – (July 13th) – Studio D’Artisan

Studio D' Artisan Sign in Their Office in Osaka

Hello Mister,

It is been a long time since my last Japan journal (the last one is about Samurai jeans right?)

Today I would like to share the journal to Studio D’ Artisan in Osaka, with my friend Alon.

Studio D’ Artisan staff cannot speak English well, hopefully I met this helpful guy from the hostel where I stayed in Osaka, He was an English teacher for 4 years in Kobe, so he speaks Japanese fluently.

A day with Mr. Alon

That day was very hot and humid, fortunately Alon is coming with us to SDA store in the center of the town, but we have a difficult to find the store, because i forgot to print the map to get to the shop,but after spending a time on our self-written map,finally we found the SDA store.

SDA Osaka

In that small sized beautiful store, I was amazed for the interior and the collection, a lot of collection that SDA offers in the store.

Alon helped us to introduce ourselves as the guy from Indonesia, and then our contact Nishijima-san, introduced us to Studio D’ Artisan history.

The Store Interior

The Store Interior

And Nishijima-san explained us about the first lot of Studio D’ Artisan, the details and the fabric of their first lot.

Nishijima-san explained the first lot

After that Nishijima-san take us to SDA office not far from the store. And there we have an interview about SDA history and products.

with Nishijima-san and Alon

I asked everything that I want to know about SDA and I have almost all the information I need,even though there is some questions that Nishijima-san cannot answer (because he is in charge in web and publishing)

But i have enough information for this time and I planned to go back to meet them once again to get more information from them.

Alon helped me with the interview

with the store manager, Nogami-san (different from the Samurai boss)

with the store manager, Nogami-san (different from the Samurai boss)

After finished with the interview,finally we are going back to the store and buy some SDA collection. And then we decided to have the last lunch with Alon before we are going to our last destination, Tokyo.


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PRACT – The Web

Hello Mister,


I would like to give all of you the link to PRACT Official Website,

The website is still under construction, it will finished in about 2 weeks from now




On the next post – PRACT – The Skinny Fit (I have a problem with the camera,so I can post it this week)


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