Thai Trip – Second day (September 29th) – Pronto Denim Store

by Dandy H & Bro.

Pronto Denim Store

Hello Mister,

When I Visited Momotaro Booth at Isetan, Bangkok, Tabuchi-san introduce me to the staff of Pronto denim store, Nutty Cheewawittayanon

He is the one who responsible for the Pronto store in Central Wolrd,Siam. And then we have a conversation about how is the denim market in Thailand.

Introducing, Nutty, of Pronto denim store

From what Nutty told me, It is true that Thai people dont like straight cut very much, so the best selling item is slim fit,skinny fit and slim straight tapered,that’s why Nudie jeans is the most popular item in Pronto.

Fortunately, there is Pronto store in Central World Plaza, so Nutty invited me to visit the store and take a look on their item.

Pronto have a lot selection on Jeans, they had collection from modern jeans like Nudie jeans, Cheap monday and April 77, to Japanese vintage jeans such as The Flathead, and Pure Blue Japan.

Pronto also sells leather goods like Kawatako and some T shirts and shirts .

The Collection in Pronto

The Collection in Pronto

Pronto have some collaboration product with Japanese brand, such as The Flathead, Pure Blue Japan,and a collaboration with Australian brand, Imperial denim.

Pure Blue Japan x Pronto