Fourth day (July 8th) – Kojima, Rampuya, and Aizome

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Before, I would like to tell you about the name of this post,there are 3 words as the name of this post, Kojima, Rampuya, and Aizome.

Kojima is the name of the city located in Southern Okayama, which is well known for the natural indigo dyeing since a long time ago, Kojima also popular as tourist destination.

Rampuya, is the name of the company that held 3 main business,which is Momotaro jeans as a denim brand, Rampuya as the natural indigo dyeing workshop, and Collect as a fabric maker,all of Rampuya business (also known as Japan Blue) is very popular around the world.

Kojima Station

And Aizome is Japanese language for hand dyeing, which is using natural indigo plant,and that is our first destination.

Rampuya located in Kojima, near the Kojima station, and it is very well known as tourist destination,which is also included in tourist guide map.

After being picked up in Kojima station with Sachiko-san and Tabuchi-san (the first time i met Tabuchi), they take me to Rampuya workshop immediately.

Introducing Sachiko-san (left) and Tabuchi-san (right)

After entering the workshop, Sachiko-san introduce me to Miyake-san, one of the dyeing artist in Rampuya, she explained us how is the process from plant until the flower become ready to dyeing the fabric.

Miyake-san on the left

She explained me every detail of aizome process,and she want to make sure that i understand what she have been explained to me.

and after selecting what kind of items i want to dye,then she prepare me the gloves and apron to prevent me from the Indigo.

“Wait,can I do it with barehand and without apron?” I request to Sachiko-san.

“You want to do that? but maybe it takes a long time to get your hands clean and maybe the stain in your t shirt will never be clean” said Sachiko-san.

“That is ok with me”, “Ok then,let’s do it” Sachiko said to me.

The Preparation (My T shirt is in the blue bucket on the right)

Then I am going to dye my bandana (T shirt goes after bandana) ,There are a lot of bucket fill with Indigo flower on it. There are many different type of bucket,there are the one with a light coloring indigo,until the deepest coloring Indigo,the usage is depend on how dark the indigo is.

After doing it by myself, I think I understand why this natural indigo product is so expensive,because the process is so complicated.

The First dip

The Bucket for Deeper Color

The process to making this natural indigo dyed item is a long process, you have to dye it several times until you get the perfect color you want.

T shirt,with Gradation Indigo color

Since the items that i have dyed need finishing touch,now we are leaving to visit another company under Japan Blue Co. ,

Momotaro Jeans.

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In Front of Rampuya Traditional Natural Indigo dyeing Workshop