Third day (July 7th) – Rain Dance Kobe

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

I am going to tell you about Kobe, as I said before we have no appointment here, since the weather is nice (the only rainy day on our trip,which is on hot summer) so we decided to take a walk in this city.

Here we found a lot of small denim shop and vintage leather goods shop in Sannomiya district.

Sannomiya, Kobe

Realizing that we’ve got  a lot luggage so first of all we storing our baggage in Sannomiya public locker room.

Not far away from JR (Japan Railway) station ,there is a shopping road called Kobe Motomachi. We did not know how long does this road takes, but we have spend more than an hours walking without ever finding the end of Motomachi.

Kobe Motomachi

On the other side of Motomachi is also a shopping alley, believe it or not that shopping alley (looks like not promising place to find a good quality items) sells Vintage boots (Red wing,Wolverine, etc.) and Japanese denim (Studio D’Artisan).

This Alley Sells Various Selection of Vintage Goods

On the other side of Motomachi, we found a small shop selling The Flathead, the shop called Piece of Me,which the first Flat head store we have found in Japan.

Piece of me, Kobe

Just beside Motomachi, there is a small China town in Kobe, which is very beautiful and relaxing, but the rain gone bad, so we can not walk further to the China town

The China town in Rain

Then we were going to take a look back to the Motomachi and looking for some food, the view is beautiful and we have a lot of selection of food to eat,

Soon after we finished our lunch we are going to the train station (to pick up our luggage) and go to our next destination, Okayama.

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*Bonus Picture :

Guy beside me wearing Studio D'Artisan