Third day (July 7th) – Welcome to Okayama

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Before I continuing my journal about my Thai trip, I would like to finished my Japan trip journal until how I met Tabuchi-san of Momotaro jeans for the first time.

After we take a train from Kobe to Okayama (Approx 2,5 hours with normal train + get lost for half hour in somewhere between Kobe and Okayama) finally we arrived in Okayama, City of denim.

Lost in Translation

After asking for help with local police, finally we realized that it was only misunderstanding about when we have to change the train so everything is gonna be alright.

Soon after the next hour to our destination, finally we arrived in Okayama,before we arrived we think that Okayama is a small traditional city in Japan, but we were wrong, It is a small city but it looks very beautiful and peaceful. Stepping our first step to the ground of Okayama, we’ve seen something very similar to something we have known before, and yes, it is Momotaro statue in front of Okayama Station.

It is hard to described my feeling when we stand in front if that statue, feels very happy to stand in front of that statue that you only see in the picture before.

In front of Momotaro statue, Okayama

As our appointment is tomorrow so we just go to the hotel near the Okayama station,for only one night, because we have friend in suburb of Okayama that will let us to stay in his house for 2 days, Lucky me .

A View from the Top (of my hotel room)

Because the time we arrived in Okayama is nearly evening,after he get into our room in hotel,sun comes down and we can only use the time to take a walk around and looking for dinner.

Tomorrow is a big day, so we have to sleep early for tomorrow.

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