Fourth day (July 8th) – Japan Blue Co.

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,


Taking a car on the hot day of summer in Japan, we are going to visit the Japan Blue Co. which is the mother company for Momotaro Jeans,

Japan Blue Co. is a big fabric factory located in Okayama and produced fabric for a lot of big company all over the world.

But before that Tabuchi-san and Sachiko would like to treat us with Japanese style lunch in Kojima.

Oishi !!

After had a delicious Japanese lunch, first, we are going to Sewing factory of Momotaro jeans in Kojima, But unfortunately, photo is prohibited.

Momotaro Sewing Factory, Kojima

Finished with our visit to the sewing factory, finally we are going to visit the the factory of Japan Blue Collect to see the process of making the denim fabric.

Using Shuttle loom, Sachiko-san introduced us to Uchida-san, the operator of the shuttle loom machine in Collect.

Japan Blue Factory, Kojima

Inside the factory, Uchida-san explained us how the shuttle loom machine is working, it is very complicated systematic that this machine had.

He also explained how much fabric that this machine can produced per day, and how the shuttle working.

Uchida-san and Shuttle Loom Machine

Uchida-san Explained me the mechanism of Shuttle loom machine

After learning about how the shuttle loom machine is worked, now we are going to the Japan Blue Co. office in Kojima which is located between the mountain and the sea, a very nice place to have some work.

There, Sachiko-san Introduced me to Yoshida-san, his partner who is in charge for Textile sales in Collect, then they are going to take me to show room, a heaven for a denim maker.

A lot of selection of the fabric that you can choose, 2 full days maybe not enough for you to choose the fabrics you want.

Japan Blue Co. Office in Okayama

Collect Show room at Okayama

I spent almost 2 hours in the show room selecting the fabric for PRACT , from 12 Oz denim to 21 Oz denim, red line selvedge to pink line selvedge, from hickory to chambrayafter selecting some denim fabric, we also looking for another fabric, like flannel and cotton duck fabric,which have a quality as great as the denim fabric.

I had such a wonderful time to see the process of denim making in Kojima, Okayama, Japan, I have seen it with my own eyes and I already prove it by myself that Okayama denim is the best.


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The Scenery from Japan Blue Office