Fourth day (July 8th) – Momotaro Jeans, Kojima, Okayama

by Dandy H & Bro.

Momotaro Jeans store, Kojima

Hello Mister,

Today I would like to share my experience in Kojima, Okayama, Japan

After having a good time in Rampuya natural indigo dyeing workshop, now we are going to the first ever Momotaro jeans shop in the world, which is in Kojima.

Getting outside of Tabuchi-san’s car, we are able to see a very big banner of Momotaro Jeans, and super size jeans and jacket in front of their store.

Main Entrance

Located in Kojima Denim Street, where a lot of denim shop located along this street. Before the shop turn into Momotaro Jeans store, it was a post office and then become the first Momotaro store in the world.

There is a very complete selection of Momotaro jeans ( I think this place is the most complete store, because i have been to another store in Kurashiki and Tokyo) .

Entering the store Negishi-san (The store manager) Introduce himself to me, he is a very funny and kind guy, and then explained us about the special hand painting in Kojima store.

Negishi-san, The Store Manager

Iman in front of custom paint for Momotaro Jeans

Not only sells Momotaro product, This store also sells Rampuya product as well, and on the other part of the store I finally see it with my own eyes, The Traditional Weaving Machine that used for looming the fabric for the most expensive jeans in the world, Momotaro Gold Label. This machine can only produce a very small amount of fabric in a day,approx only about 18cm a day.

The mechanism of the machine is very similar to the shuttle loom machine,the only different is that this traditional weaving machine is operated with one person so it makes the fabric is 100% hand made !!

The Traditional Weaving machine

Back on The end of the shop, there is the gold label hanging on the wall of the stores, Tabuchi-san explained me how thick and soft he fabric is,and he even let me to touch the jeans !!

So it makes Momotaro have 4 label of the jeans, Going to war label, Cooper label, Vintage label, and Gold label.

For further information, I will tell you more in my Video (Including the interview with Momotaro jeans)

Next stop is Japan Blue Co.

Keep reading !!

Tabuchi-san and me (holding the Gold label)