Thai trip – Second day (September 29th) – Momotaro Jeans on Isetan Bangkok Part 3 – The Last Supper

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,


After journal about how I met Tabuchi-san at the first time in Kojima, Okayama, now I would like to tell you the last part of my trilogy (sounds too much,but quite fun anyway) about my day with Momotaro jeans in Isetan, Bangkok.

After Walking around Siam, Finally I am going back to Central World to for having dinner with Tabuchi-san and Kishimoto-san.

Walking my way from Siam Paragon to Central world (about 15 minutes by walking) I finally arrived in Isetan, Central world plaza.

When I arrived, Tabuchi is working on Union Special 43200G to hemming customer jeans, after he have done with it, he asked me if I want to try it,of course I said yes to him.

So he explained how to use this legendary machine and show me once how to use it well.

Tabuchi showed me how to hem the jeans

Then it is my turn to hem the jeans (of course i am trying on scrap that have been cut by the customer before) it is not that hard, but I am kinda nervous because this is the first time I am using this legendary machine.

I can only record the process by video camera,because I am coming alone to Bangkok, but after i have done with it, Tabuchi-san asked me “is this your first time?”

and then I said “Yes it is”

“I dont believe,because it is good enough for the first time, is not that hard right?” said Tabuchi-san

And then we laugh and I asked him to sign something on the scrap that i sewed.

Text says "Tatsushi Tabuchi in Bangkok"

After waiting until 2100 pm then they already packed things up because the is come for Isetan to close the store.

Now we are going to take a walk to take Sky Train to Phram Pong to have dinner in Japanese restaurant, because that place is a small Japanese street that have a lot selection of Japanese Restaurant.

Tabuchi-san, Guy from Take5 Bangkok, and Kishimoto-san

Arrived in the Japanese restaurant,we order a lot of Japanese food and have a funny conversation together.

I asked them ” is this Japanese restaurant taste Japanese?”

They answered ” We dont know, this is our first time too”

And then we tried every menu and said this one taste good, this one is not good, this one is not the fish we usually used in Japan.

Tabuchi-san and Kishimoto-san ordering Japanese food

We having so much fun together and hope that we can meet again next time.


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Arigatou, Dandy