PRACT Prototype (Update)

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Today, I would like to continue the journal about PRACT prototype that have been postponed due to my trip to Thailand.

Pocket bag on Progress

That day, i’ve spent a day with the sample maker, a lot of things we have discussed over and over again for the best result of the prototype.

I considered about every little details for the jeans construction that i have learned in my trip to Japan, so I have to make sure that every part was sewed well.

Steaming the selvedge line

The next step is steaming the selvedge line, to make the selvedge line firm with high temperature ironing device.

There is only a few part left to complete this prototype, only belt loop, bar tack, waistband construction, hemming, patch attachment, and hardware attachment (such as washer burr and button)

Waistband attachment

Bar tack process

Sewing the Leather patch

Rivet Attachment

That’s all about the progress of PRACT prototype

We will release the fit picture as soon as possible.

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