Thai trip – Third day (September 30th) – Indigo Skin, Quality of Siam

by Dandy H & Bro.

Esplanade Ratchada

Hello Mister,


On the third day of my Thai trip, I have a chance to meet one of the Thailand local denim brand that is well known in the world, known as Indigo skin.

Located in Esplanade Ratchada, Bangkok, It is not hard to find Indigo Skin Store, the one in the corner of the mall, on the 2nd floor.

Gogo greet me when I arrived in the front of the store, then he introduced me to his brother Gor, and his friend Tar (one of the moderator of Thailand’s street fashion forum)

After having a small talk, then we are talking about how is raw denim in Thailand, and how is in Indonesia, our country have a lot of similar things from the most popular fit (Slim fit and slim straight fit is the most popular) and the history of the beginning of raw denim in Thailand is really similar to Indonesia (starts from Nudie jeans).

Gogo (holding the jeans) Tar (sitting) Gor (standing)

Gor Explained to me about Indigoskin itself.

Indigoskin Established since 2009, using only the best material from Japan mixed with the best material from Thailand, using the philosophy of Siam (Old name of Thailand) Gor mixed Japanese jeans with Thai’s beautiful and rich culture,blend it into one,and that is Indigoskin.

Offering 3 selection of categories for jeans (Basic collection, Vintage series and Limited edition) Indigoskin only using the best denim fabric from Japan along with the best hand woven natural dyed fabric from Thailand.Beside that Indigoskin also sell T shirts,Shirts and Leather goods, Basically you can find anything you want at Indigoskin.

Luckily They had just got their first Japan made prototype of Indigoskin from Japan, Which is very beautiful on every details of construction and material they used. I was one of the first person to see the Japan made Indigoskin.

From Left to Right (PRACT Prototype, Indigoskin Japan Made, Indigoskin V Series, Indigoskin Limited edition

I also showed them PRACT first prototype and ask about what they think about it, and they give a good response and some advice about the construction, a positive response from them.

They give a good credit about the details, especially the super soft leather patch that I used for PRACT.

Inspected the Prototype

A Friendship between Thailand and Indonesia through Jeans

After talking about denim itself, Gor should go to meeting because he have to prepare for the Denim event in Bangkok on Late 2011, but we make an appointment to meet again tomorrow in Isetan at Momotaro jeans event.

Then before I go back to my hostel, Gogo treat me lunch in Thai restaurant, so we go there with Tar.

And I have one favorite menu, it is spinach cheese spring rolls, which taste very delicious, a mix between crispy outside and soft inside.

Tar and Gogo at Thai Resto, What a Delicious Thai's lunch

After having a delicious lunch I met TK, Gogo and Gor younger brother and a professional golf player,we are planning to have a lunch tomorrow before we go to Isetan Bangkok


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Special thanks to Indigoskin