Fifth day (July 9th) – Okayama Korakuen Garden

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Since we had a free time until July 10th (the day that we should go to our next destination) we decided to go to some tourist destination in Okayama.

Aki-san take us to Bitchu Takahashi station so we can get to Okayama Station in the center of the town.

Takahashi-shi, Okayama, Japan

Finally we decided to go to Korakuen Garden (Traditional Japanese garden) and Okayama have one of the best 3 Korakuen Garden in Japan.

We had funny experience in our trip to Korakuen Garden, we met several interesting people, and of course seen beautiful scenery of Japan.

Okayama Korakuen Garden

Korakuen views

The garden is a very big recreation site, there is also a lake in the middle of the garden, where a lot of koi fish swim inside the lake.

Even the weather is extremely hot, Okayama Korakuen is still exciting to explore.

Koi Fish in the lake

Relaxing in the rest area

Not far from the garden, there is Okayama castle that look interesting for us to get there, a castle which filled with the history of Okayama in the old period.

Okayama Castle

In the castle, there are a lot of Japanese old period historical item,since the castle is a museum now,so we can find a lot of Japanese histories inside.

Then we met a funny Korean guys inside the castle, which looks very typical (bright color of clothing), they are very smart and funny guys. I told them about how popular K-pop in Indonesia and how surprised they are to heard that.

The Korean Guys

Warlord Gauntlet

After spending an hour in the castle, me and Iman are going to go back to Okayama station, because we are going to meet Aki-san in Kurashiki.

On the way to the station, we’ve stopped by in shrine to look around in Japanese shrine, which looks very beautiful, I also tried to pray in Shinto’s way

Shinto shrine in Okayama

After finished with the shrine we go directly to the station and take a train to Kurashiki and meet Aki-san.


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