Fourth day (July 8th) – Akinari Sato

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,


This time I would like to tell you about the story of my friend in Japan, his name is Akinari Sato , also known as Aki-san

I met him by a website that helping people to get help when we go overseas. Aki-san is a very nice guy

He lived on the suburb of Okayama, in Takahashi-shi, a great place to live, located on the foot of the mountain, where the river running between them.

He is a very helpful guy, and very friendly to us. He was very surprised when he know that I was going to Japan for a denim business and just did Aizome (natural hand dyed) process in Kojima

Aki-san let us stayed in his house for 2 days, before we go to our next destination.


After we have arrived in his house, his mother, already prepared the dinner for us, which is the most delicious dinner we ever had since the first day we arrived in Japan.

Aki-san's Mother preparing the dinner


With Aki-san (Beside me) and his mother

After dinner, we talked about Indonesia,because Aki-san is been to Bali before, and we talked about a lot of things about Indonesia and about him

As we talked in the living room, his mother prepared the room where we will sleep, finally we experienced sleeping in tatami mats (Traditional Japanese style).


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