PRACT – The Product Details

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,


I would like to post the details of our first batch of production.

The first batch of PRACT is manufactured with Slim Straight Fit with medium rise.

Front Construction of PRACT


Rear Construction of PRACT


The Back pocket


I decided to use high yoke and put the back belt loop more left from the back rise stitches, and using the fabric color thread for the reinforcement stitches.


The Leather patch


I used Super soft leather patch instead of super thick leather patch for PRACT, but for the prototype, we dont have anything yet on the patch.


The Front


Actually we are going to use Laurel button, double prong from Japan for the button, but on this prototype, we are only using the plain double prong button, also we are going to use Universal washer burr for the rivet.


Coin pocket construction , Washer burr and peek a boo details


For the coin pocket, I put it little higher and close to the waistband, still with peek a boo details, You can also see the denim accent at the washer burr rivet.


The Back


I tried to attach the back pocket with one way sew system, the old technique to sew back pocket, which you can see it on the left-upper side of the back pocket, there is a excess stitches because the one way sewing technique.

I still have one thing wrong with the attachment of the patch and the side belt loop, which is too far away from the backpocket construction, I’ll fixed it on the production.


The Reinforcement on Backpocket


I reinforced the back pocket with Hickory from Japan, the same fabric we use for the pocket bag, but I dont decide it yet, whether I use Hickory or Chambray.


The Leg Opening


The Construction of Leg Opening is one of the most exciting part for me, I used orange stitches for the outside stitches, and for the inside, I decided to use lemon color


The Inseam and outside stitch of the Hemming


As the signature of PRACT, I choose red color for the inseam, this red color will applied on every PRACT product, maybe not as a stitches, but in a different form.


The Selvedge Line and Inside stitch of the Hemming


This fabric I used have a red line selvedge line,, the most common color for selvedge line.


Pocket bag construction and Outseam construction


On Pocket bag construction, I decided to sew it more like vintage jeans, so you can see the stitches from inside the jeans.


The Details of the Fabric

The last picture is the zoom in shot of the fabric, which is not very slubby and so soft, this 14 Oz is the best choice for tropical climate (But for some people like me, even 21Oz is ok for tropical climate)


I am going to launch this product on November (Hopefully) and soon I am going to post the fit picture of this Slim Straight Fit.

I also working on skinny Fit for the ladies, which is start the prototype next week.

Now I am waiting for the material to arrived in Indonesia from Japan.

And working for the details like Label, Flasher, Packaging, Leather patch, and the website.


Well until then,


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Special thank to Mr. Lukman Ten and Mr. Yohan Lesmana

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