Fifth day (July 9th) – Last day with Aki-san in Kurashiki

by Dandy H & Bro.

Welcome to Kurashiki

Hello Mister,


We are now going to Kurashiki, to meet Aki-san, because today, we are going to stay in his apartment in Kurashiki.

Arrived in Kurashiki station, we are going to visit the festival on the street, which is loaded with a lot of Japanese street food and street games that i only saw in comic and anime before.

Before we meet Aki-san I explore some alley in Kurashiki, and I notice something painted in one of the wall across the street, a picture of Samurai riding with western cowboy,then i started to curious to know what is that building is. then my curiosity is answered when walk into the store, it is a store that sells american style used items.

I found something interesting in the store, beautiful Levi’s 506 jacket, Made in San Fransisco, it is still expensive but it is cheaper than the new one, and it is still rigid, i think this is only washed once and the previous owner did not wear it for a long time.

With the owner of the store

And then we go back to the festival to buy some snacks before we are going to meet Aki-san.

Festival in Kurashiki

After bought some traditional Japanese street food, Aki-san is already there to give us some tour about Kurashiki.

Kurashiki have an old town where is very different from another old town in Japan, because it is from Meiji period, while another old town is from Edo period, that’s what makes Kurashiki old town have a different type of building than any other old town in Japan.

And Aki-san takes us to Kurabo, the first mills in Kurashiki that now turn into fancy hotel. The building is covered with ivy all over the wall, and the architecture is looks like old factory.

Beer festival inside Kurashiki Ivy Square

We cannot take a good pictures because it ti dark already,so we are planning to come back again in the morning before we are going to our next destination.

After a tour in old town of Kurashiki Aki-san takes us to have a dinner in Ramen restaurant, his parents  are already there waiting for us.

Super BIG size Ramen

Aki-san and his parents, Itadakimasu

After diiner we are going to have a good bye with Aki-san parents, because that day was our last day in Okayama, so we are going to go to mall in Kurashiki to have a good bye with them.

On our way back to Aki-san apartment, he asked us if we already experienced onsen (Japanese Hot water bath) and then we said “no we have not tried it yet”

Surprisingly after arrived at his apartment, he asked us to stayed in the car, and in about a minute, he is back with towel and said “lets go to Onsen”.

We are very happy to know that he is going to take us to Onsen, actually it is not onsen, it is sento, the different is Onsen water is came from hot springs, and sento’s is not coming from hot spring, is from heater machine.

We are very excited to experienced the sento, but unfortunately we cannot take a picture in sento (everyone have to be naked inside)

Relaxing in Sento is a very good way to relieved stress from our mind, and it is good for body too,it is such a great way to spend your time after having a hard day



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