Thai trip – Fourth day (October 1st) – Discover Bangkok Part 1

by Dandy H & Bro.

Thai's street performer

Hello Mister,


As I mentioned on the last Thai trip post about my plan to discover Bangkok, now I want to share my story about discovering Bangkok with my friend, Gogo from Indigoskin and Tar (One of the moderator of Thai street forum).

Gogo invited me to have a lunch before we started the trip to walk around Siam and National stadium, We go to Yakiniku Buffet in Thaniya Plaza, Silom, which is near my hostel.

The buffet style restaurant always bring madness for me,because it is all you can eat,and it is not good for you body(weight).

Buffet Madness

Discussed about our plan today, and tomorrow


We eat a lot of Beef and have a funny conversation together, also we are talking about some plan that we want to do this November.

Soon after we finished the lunch, we started to planned about where we go now, after had a long time comparing this plan and this plan,we decided to go to National stadium first before we go to Momotaro jeans event at Isetan.

So it is only me and Gogo that going to National Stadium,because TK need to take Gogo’s girlfriend back home,and then we are going to meet in Mabungkrong.

Thai's Taxi


So Gogo decided to take a taxi to National Stadium, as my personal request is to buy some Football jerseys, Gogo take me to the best shop near National Stadium.

Then I ask Gogo if I can find Muay Thai shorts near the Stadium, and Gogo take me to the store that supplies Muay Thai accesorries.

Muay Thai's shorts, is a must buy things from Thailand


After bought some sport things, Gogo take me to Mabungkrong to meet TK and to hem his brand new Indigoskin V Series in a store in Mabungkrong.

Surprisingly the store named Buddy & Family is very  well known in Thai,it is the best place to hem your jeans , and of course they had Union Special 43200G, the hemming services only cost you 100 bath (approx US$ 3) !!!

This store had Union special 43200G

The rain is pouring Bangkok that time, so we have to wait until the rain subside, then we meet Tar on our way to Central World Plaza.

Short conversation about the event

In Isetan Bangkok, on that day, I dont have the chance to meet Mr. Wanabe (The President of Japan Blue Group) but still I met Tabuchi-san, Kishimoto-san, Gor, and a lot of interesting people.

There is Thai brand owned by Japanese man called Ken Nakamura (the brand name is the owners name), I have a chance to meet the manager, Aor.

I Also Meet the owner of Take 5 Bangkok, Mr. Lee and the owner of Thai local denim brand, Wear and play, his name is Heng.

With Ken Nakamura manager, Aor

With Take 5 Bangkok Boss, Mr. Lee

With the owner of Wear and Play, Heng

The clock is ticking, it is time to have a dinner,so we decided to have a fast dinner on the food court of Siam Paragon.

A Fast Dinner with Gor and Tar


After the dinner, Gor have to go back because he already have an appointment to watch a football match, so I spent my time to have a chit chat with Tar while we had a coffee in Coffee world in Siam Paragon.

Tar is a very nice guy, he is a very big fan of denim,so we shared everything about denim in Thailand and in Indonesia.

Then we started to talk about what he think about Bangkok and her development lately.

Time is running out,we decided to get back home,because tomorrow we already have a plan to go to buy some souvenirs and to attend the event in Isetan again (this time I have to meet Manabe-san)


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