Seventh day ( July 11th) – Ooe Yofukuten, Vintage Master from Ichinomiya

by Dandy H & Bro.

Ooe Yofukuten Atelier, Ichinomiya

Hello Mister,


I would like to share my visit to Ooe Yofukuten, one of my favorite denim makers from Japan.

After exchange e mail for a long time, finally we have the chance to meet them in Ichinomiya, Nagoya.

They picked us in Nagoya station, Ryo and Hiro is a very humble and kind couple, it is not hard to breaking the ice when I meet them.

Meet Ryo and Hiro Ooe of Ooe Yofukuten

Ooe Yofukuten means Ooe Tailor shop, Ooe is their family name.

They produced a vintage collection of denim products, and they used vintage machinery like Union Special.

Ooe Yofukuten is well known for denim enthusiast around the world, by just two of them, they created one of the best pairs of jeans in the world.

Before we’re going to their Atelier, Ryo & Hiro treat us a Ramen for lunch, what a lovely lunch we had,we talked and laughed together talking about jeans and culture in Japan, they were very surprised that Japan culture is popular in Indonesia.

Lunch at Japanese Ramen Restaurant

After having a delicious lunch,finally we are going to the Atelier,that not really far from the station.

The scenery near the Atelier is very relaxing and calm,what a nice place to do something.

Ryo parents is a box maker, but his grandparents is a tailor, that’s why Ryo is already familiar with sewing machine.

Welcome to The Atelier

The Atelier (Inside)

The first time we stepped our foot into the Atelier, We are very amazed with everything inside the Atelier, from the machinery, and the fabric, everything is very eye catching for us,especially for me.

After having a cold towel and a glass of ocha, we started to talk more about Ooe Yofukuten products.

First of all Ryo explained us about the world tour jeans 2010. The jeans is worn by people around the world for a month every person.

Iman holding the world tour jeans

After they used it for a month they have to send it to next person who will wear it and add one star on the backpocket of the jeans, and after 12 month, the last person who wear it have to send it back to Japan,

The jeans is come along with special belt with the named Ooe Yofukuten around it.

Ooe Yofukuten World tour jeans

The world tour gift box

The People who participated also send a gift to Ryo & Hiro, a beautiful gift from around the world.

Like usual I also showed them my ESRE and ask them what do they think about it, after that they gave a comment and input for me to improve my skills.


Talking about skills, Ryo and Hiro taught me about a few things in making a jeans, first of all, they taught me about how to attach rivet and button with a vintage machine.

Then they showed me how to make a button hole with old Durkopp machine, After that Hiro showed me how to used make up machine, and she let me to try and make my first denim scrap using Union Special. They also signed it for me.

They we’re surprised that that was my first time,because they said that the result of my denim scrap is good enough for the first timer, They also let Iman do that, but it is ti difficult for Iman.

Let's attach the rivet !!

A Lesson with Union Special by Ryo and Hiro

Signed by Ryo and Hiro

There is no wonder why they can make a great pair of jeans, all of their reference is a real deal, from early 1900 Sears and Roebuck catalog to original 1980 Levis catalog that they got from antique shop.

Also they had a lot of rare items such as original World War 2 Levi’s, Size 70 Levis (dead stock), etc.

They also collecting rare items such as Levi’s price list from early 1900 and old Denim factory in the states, that’s why I dare to say that they are the master of vintage denim.

Levis World War 2

Size 70 of Levi's (Dead stock)

The Interview

There are a lot of things that I really want to share with you,but I think it is better for you to watch the video and hear it from them.

Ryo & Hiro taught me a lot of things about vintage jeans, and of course friendship.

Thank you for the pin

Thank you for everything, and I hope we can meet again someday.


Mouchido, Arigatougozaimasu.

Special thanks to Ryo & Hiro


P.S. : This is the link about my visit to their Atelier :



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