Sixth day (July 10th) – Osaka, Here We Come !!

by Dandy H & Bro.

Osaka Station

Hello Mister,


We are going to Osaka today, before we’re leaving, we ask Aki-san to go to Kurashiki old town for the last time, Aki-san also get us to the Shinto shrine uphill in Kurashiki.

Kurashiki Old Town

That morning, the weather is nice,it is not really hot and the wind is very relaxing, as Aki-san get us to the Shinto shrine uphill,we have to go by foot and step on more than 100 stairs to get there.

A long way to go

On the top of the hill where the shrine is located, Aki-san taught me how to pray in Shinto shrine, and that was a great experience to pray in shinto way for the first time.

Let's Pray

After our last tour in Kurashiki, Aki-san dropped us in Kurashiki Station, then we are going to Okayama station to go to our next destination, Osaka.

We are going to stay in Osaka for 3 days and meet another 3 masters which we want to study and learn more about Japanese denim.

Takes 2 and half hours by regular train, we arrived on 1500 pm in Osaka, fortunately, Osaka has just built their new train station, with more than 14 floors of big mall attached with the new Osaka train station.

When we arrived in Osaka, first step is go to our hostel in Fukushima, which takes about 15 minutes from Osaka Station.

J Hoppers, is the name of our hostels is a very good,clean and comfortable hostels, and all the staff is very friendly and helpful.

Our Hostel in Osaka


After stored our luggage in the hostel, we decided to go back to Osaka train station to look around and looking for something that might be interesting for us,


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Get lost in Osaka Station