Seventh day (July 11th) – Nagoya, Let’s Eat Tebasaki !

by Dandy H & Bro.

Nagoya Station

Hello Mister,


Before heading back to Osaka, we decided to meet my friend in Nagoya, his name is Makoto-san.

Makoto’s mother is Indonesian and his father is Japanese,so he can talk Bahasa, it is funny to meet Japanese guy who can speak Bahasa.

Waiting about 2 hours near the station, we looking for something interesting that we can find in Nagoya.

We heard about Tebasaki before, a local food from Nagoya, which is a spicy chicken wing that very popular in Japan.

Then after spending an hour waiting and wondering about tebasaki finally our friend was arrived in the station.

Meet Makoto

We had a funny conversation about Indonesia,because before live in Japan, Makoto spend his time in Indonesia since his birth into this world,and now he stay in Japan for 4 years.

Then We asked him if he know the best tebasaki restaurant in Nagoya, fortunately he know it.

But before go to have a dineer in tebasaki restaurant, Makoto take us to sky scrapper near Nagoya station “experienced the real Nagoya” he said to us

Nagoya from the sky

After seen the beautiful scenery of Nagoya from the sky at night, we decided to go directly to Yama-chan, the famous tebasaki restaurant in Japan.

It is so hard to get in Yama-chan, because Yama-chan always full,but luckily they had a lot of restaurant so we can look for the one with empty seats.

Yama-chan Tebasaki Restaurant

Tebasaki - Oishi !!

Having conversation and having dinner with him is a very funny experience, a lot of things that we shared about what is happening now in Jakarta.

After that we take Iman to station to take Shinkansen back to Osaka, and I decided to stay at his house and go back to Osaka on the next morning.


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