PRACT – Hardware Materials

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Just a minute ago my order from Japan has just arrived to my office,it is a hardware materials that I will use for PRACT first batch (hopefully finished this November)

The Specs that I order is :

  1. YKK Laurel button, double prong with 1,7 cm diameter size
  2. YKK Laurel button, double prong with 1,4 cm diameter size
  3. Universal Washer burr
The reason why I choose the specs above because,
  • For me personally, Laurel button can give Vintage impression on the product, even though I am working on the signature series of PRACT ( I am not yet making Vintage repro from 1880 –  early 1900)
  • Double prong is an extra strong ( I would like to say tera strong) so it is almost impossible to unattached the button from the jeans
  • Universal washer burr are wider on the rivet, so it is stronger than the usual obe

Laurel button, with 1,7 and 1,4 diameter, come along with double prong

The Double Prong

Universal Washer Burr, with wide surface on the burr

Also I almost done with ladies fit, I think next week I can post it here,

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