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Month: November, 2011

Eleventh day (July 15th) – Let’s Go With The Flo !!

One Night in Tokyo

Hello Mister,

On the 14th day in Japan, back in the hostel after had a little sightseeing around the beautiful Tokyo,

While I was smoking in the smoking area of the hostel, wearing my brand new Momotaro pouch, someone ask me about the pouch

” Is that Momotaro pouch?” asked him

“Yes it is, you are so familiar with Japanese denim” I answered

And that is how I met my friend from Amsterdam, Holland, he is Florian Peters A.K.A. Flo

After that funny conversation, then we talked about our interest in Japanese denim, he studied Japanese culture and language back in Amsterdam, and one of his friend is working on Tenue de Nimes.

And then I told him why I am there in Japan, And he is interested when I told him that I already have a brand and going to make another one.

So he asked me if I bring my products to Japan, and I said “sure, I can get it if you want to see”

Me, Flo, And ESRE

And he interested with the jeans, and I said “you can have it if you want it” , and he accepted it with smile, like the one you can see in the picture above.

I invited him to come with me to Pure Blue Japan store in Harajuku on the next morning, and then he said yes, and the story goes on.

First stop, Ueno Station

We decided to go to Ameyokocho in Ueno to buy something cool there, because back in Jakarta my friend told me that Ameyokocho is one of the best place to shop in Tokyo

There We visited Yamane’s Evisu store and take a look on that beautiful store of the grand daddy of Japanese denim.

Yamane's Evisu Store

To be continued..


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As sweet as honey

As sweet as honey

Hello Mister,

I would like to inform all of you that know I will be on my small HQ in Southern Jakarta.

Stuff from friends

Not much yet you can found in my small HQ, only some magazines ,my jeans collection and sketch book,

Soon it will fill with other things to help me doing my things, Computer and LED TV ( I wish!!)

Feel free to come over and to visit the HQ

One of my jeans collection

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PRACT – Straight Tapered Fit Picture

Hello Mister,


Long time no see, since I already get the jeans into production phrase, I would like to share the fit picture of my Slim Straight cut (which I decided to name it Straight Tapered)

Inspired from Japanese jeans cut, I made the measurement on my own, so maybe it is not as perfect as the fit of Japanese jeans, but I’ll try to make it worth to wait.

Here it comes

Front Fit

Side Fit

Rear Fit


And hopefully PRACT will release this December.

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P.S. : Model wear 32