Ninth day (July 13th) – Last Day in Osaka

by Dandy H & Bro.

The Scenery from the top, Osaka Station

Hello Mister,

This is our last day in Osaka, We decided to spend our last minute in Osaka with our friend, Alon.

Alon invited us to have a lunch with his friend from United States whom he met while he was working in Japan few years ago, his name is Sean.

Sean is a professional photographer, and Alon is having an interest in Photography (both of them have a great taste in photography) and we are very lucky to meet them.

After meet Sean in Osaka station, Alon ask us if we want to have a lunch in Indian restaurant ? and we said “sure, why not?”

So we decided to go to Indian restaurant at Osaka Marubiru, near Osaka Station.

There we have a great conversation together, I met Alon since my first day in Osaka, he is a very intellect guy that almost knew everything, he usually goes to Japan annually.

Sean, Alon, and ME on Indian restaurant

After having a tasty lunch, I suggested them to go to the top of Osaka station, where i thought that they can have a great shot for their photo album collection.

Take a walk from Marubiru the station for about 10 minutes, we are going to the top of the station, where we found amazing scenery of the rooftop flower garden.

The Rooftop garden, first level

The Rooftop garden, top level

The scenery of the rooftop garden is very beautiful and the view to the city is as amazing as the garden itself, Sean and Alon taking a lot of pictures from there, Iman also snaps some shots.

Time goes on and our time to go to our last destination has come, so we are going bank to the hostel to get our belongings and take Shinkansen to Tokyo.

On our way down to the first floor, there is a exhibition of musical instrument from one of University in Japan, we don’t have much time but we are trying to spend sometime to look for it,that was amazing.

One of the instrument on the Exhibition

And then we reached the ground floor and we have to said goodbye to Alon and Sean, whom give us such a great time together in Osaka

We get back to hostel to pick up our belongings and go directly to Osaka station to go to Tokyo,

Tokyo, here we come !!


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Alon me and Sean in the top of Osaka Station