Tenth day (July 14th) – Harajuku, Tokyo Fashion District

by Dandy H & Bro.

Welcome to Harajuku

Hello Mister,

Continuing my first day in Tokyo, our next destination is Harajuku, the famous fashion district in Tokyo.

At the first time we arrived in Harajuku station, we are very surprised because it is very amazing view that we saw on the other side of the street, which is the Harajuku alley.

There is a lot store in the alley, and there is a lot variations of the items you can buy.

Harajuku St. sign

On the side of the streets you can find a lot of big brands like Nike, Vans, New era, etc.

Also you can find unique fashion items that looks very Japanese.

You can find secondhand items shop around Harajuku district, where you can find used Carhart, Levis, Lee etc. (which i was not took the picture of it)

Secondhand Items Store

After take a walk in Harajuku we are going to the one of the most iconic place in Tokyo.


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