PRACT – Another Details, Leaked!

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,


Today is one month before I released PRACT first batch, and I would like to give you all some information about the details.

Here it is the last teaser of our product details, the patch!

The Patch

The Patch

Using super soft leather instead of super thick leather, we decided to use screen printing on the leather to created different effect on the patch where normally the other is using emboss technique.

The technique of the  screen printing is different with the normal  screen printing, while the normal techniques is only printing, we used automatically print after embossed.

It makes an effect of emboss on the print (even though we ask the vendor not to emboss it too hot because the pattern of the leather maybe vanished)

Some little detail

For the design, instead of using American “Quality Guaranteed” I decided to used Indonesian “Kualitas Terjamin” on the patch, along with “High quality denim” on the top of PRACT logo.

Why I decided to add this word? Because I believe and guaranteed that this product is made only with the best material in the world


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