Tenth day (July 14th) – Tokyo Tower

by Dandy H & Bro.

Tokyo Tower

Hello Mister,


Long way to go dude

Let me tell you about one of the most famous building in Japan, it is Tokyo tower.

Constructed since 1957 and finished on 1958, Tokyo tower is communication and observation tower located in Shiba park, Tokyo.

We have to get to Tokyo metro to get there, and take a walk about approx 15 minutes to get to the tower.

I really curios too see it with my own eyes, and when we arrived it feels like we are inside the manga (Japanese term for comic book)

Touch The Sky

I really want to go to the top of Tokyo tower where you can see the beautiful scenery of Tokyo, the capital city if Japan.

And I wont miss the chance to go to the top of Tokyo !!!

Hello Ladies

Getting inside the tower, I ask the customer service about the price and every details about the tower, after checking our wallet, we thought we still have enough money to go to the top of this legendary building.


There is observation desk on the top,but it is divided into two levels, which you have to pay more to get to the top level.

You can see Tokyo from 250m above the ground !! Also you can have a meal while listening to live music here in Tokyo tower First level.

Also you can the History of Tokyo tower on the Lower ground, there is a lot of picture you can see on this wall.

The History of Tokyo Tower

After having a good time above the sky of Tokyo, we are going to another part of Tokyo.


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