Eleventh day (July 15th) – Store Visit : Evisu

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

And now we are arrived on Evisu store in Ameyokocho, Ueno, Tokyo.

Evisu poster

The Evisu store in Ameyokocho is a 4 story building with a big variety of collection from jeans (of course) denim jackets, t shirts, workshirt, shirts, etc.

And there I have a chance to see how they hand painted the backpocket, or should i said back part (with hand of course !!)

Hand Painting Process

No wonder why Japanese people called Evisu as the Grand daddy of Japanese jeans, because Evisu is very big in Japan and even very popular world wide.

Also you can find a lot of machine on the display in the store, most of it is a vintage machinery that commonly used for sewing the jeans.

One of the Vintage Machinery

One of the Vintage Machinery

Window shopping from the fourth floor all the way down to the ground floor, I have fall in love with the heavy weight red T shirt with Japanese kanji for Evis

Then I decided to bought it as a souvenir from Evisu Yamane, Japan

T shirt and The Shopkeeper

T shirt and The Shopkeeper

After finished with Evisu Yamane at Ameyokocho, Ueno, Tokyo, then we decided to go to our next destination, to do another store visit in Harajuku


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Cool stuff

Cool stuff