Wall of Fades 2011 – Review by Dandy Harun

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,


On December 2nd – 4th 2011, Indigo with Darahkubiru.com collaborated with Lee and Wrangler was held the biggest denim Exhibition in South East Asia, Wall of Fades 2011, in Koi Kemang, Jakarta.

I just want to do a snap-fast review of this 3rd annual event since 2009.

Voyej, one of the best leather goods from Indonesia

Introducing Voyej, one of the most eye catching ( in my opinion of course) booth on Wall of Fades 2011.

Using the best leather materials from the states, giving a lot variety of leather goods that you can buy from bi fold wallet, medium wallet, pouch bag, belt and card case.

And this time, they introduced us to their new collection using Hermann oak leather, one of the best tanner in states.

Zevin, the shoes manufacturer

Zevin, the shoes manufacturer

Zevin, is known as one of the best local shoes manufacturer from Indonesia that provided a lot selection of shoes from oxford,chukka boots, and moc work.

The construction is very good, using goodyear welt construction, giving the best result for the durability of the shoes

ESRE Booth

ESRE Booth

And also you can find my booth, where you can find my picture gallery (call me narcissist), ESRE is different with my next project PRACT

Where ESRE is selling local fabric and only one premium line, and PRACT is only using Japanese fabric, and PRACT is my personal project, while ESRE is my business with my best friend.

A lot of people still have a misunderstanding about this one, so I would like to make it clear here.

OldBlue Co.


My other favorites is Oldblue Co. (Their T shirts is cool) and their booth is awesome !! Also you can find Akaime denim, Pot Meets Pop, Mischief, Vaya con Dios, Elhaus, Alter Cotton, and Mommo.

Lee and Wrangler also have a very big booth in Indoor section.


You can see the workshop of Indonesia Natural hand dyed process by Mr. Congki of Bluesville along with demonstration of Sewing process of the jeans by Mr. Fikar from Batavia Jeans Studio.

Bluesville booth


Mr. Fikar Machinery

Mr. Fikar Machinery


Wall of Fades

Wall of Fades


Thank you very much for all the tenants and of course to the committee of 2011 Wall of fades

See you next year and,


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