PRACT – Signature Series 00

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Finally, I am ready to introduce you the Signature Series

I am not ready to sell it yet but ASAP I am going to launch by this week, I already have all the items in PRACT HQ in Kemang, Jakarta

Red line Inseam

Red line Inseam

This is our signature, the color on inseam part of jeans is inspired by Momotaro jeans and Japan Blue (as they used pink for Momotaro jeans and Blue for Japan Blue) , I choose red color to set the “brave” symbol, since i did pretty much whatever I want, PRACT is not a vintage jeans, but PRACT is inspired by Vintage jeans, all the materials and the details is a mix of Vintage jeans and what is on my mind, but for sure every material I choose is the best material in the world.

Laurel Leaf, comes with double prong

Laurel Leaf, comes with double prongThe Patch

Laurel Button Double prong button is a symbol of Vintage jeans (based on my opinion) I choose this kind of button because I was inspired from Yu Kuniyoshi (Double Volante) and Ryo and Hiro (Ooe Yofukuten) that really great at Vintage jeans, they told me that this kind of button are used to bring the feel of Vintage jeans, since it was used by Levis at World war II as a symbol of peace, Samurai jeans are using this kind of button for their first batch.

The Patch

The Patch

The Attachment of the patch is used by most of Japanese jeans, is one way-one time sewn with the waist band (look at the stitches), because I was greatly inspired by Japanese jeans this far.



Universal Washer Burr is also used by most of Japanese Brand (Double Volante and Ooe Yofukuten) as they are my master who have thought me lot of things I choose to use this kind of fasteners, because they said that it have a wider surface so it will be more stronger that the usual rivet.

I hope my research to Japan can improvise my skill in designing a good quality jeans

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