Giles and Paula of Iron Heart UK

by Dandy H & Bro.

Iron Heart Indonesia Division

Hello Mister,

Just by this week I have a great chance to meet Giles and Paula of Iron heart UK that came to Indonesia to attend Iron Heart Party 2012 Indonesia Division that held by The Denim Vault.

Giles and Paula are very nice and humble, both of them have a great knowledge about jeans stuff.

On the first day I accompany them with Vincent of Denim Vault to have a dinner at traditional Indonesia food

Giles and Paula

After having a nice dinner we go to the venue of the party in Kemang ,Jakarta to attend the party,

The is not much I can show in the party because everyone is too busy to having a picture with Giles and Paula

One thing I can guarantee that the party was dope !!!

Giles giving speech

Giles giving speech

The Party filled with crazy things, such as live music, beat box performances by mouth fx, Dozen of Iron heart faded jeans fighting for a special prize, beer contest, and interview and Q&A session.

On the next day I was asked by Vincent to accompany him to take Giles and Paula to the Airport, but before that, I am not going to miss a chance to ask them, what do they think about PRACT

So I came down to The Denim Vault and met them there in the store.

Paula Inspected PRACT

Giles Inspected PRACT


I was so happy to hear positive comment from them, and some critic and input that I will take care on the next production


“I love the red inseam” said Paula and Giles

See you soon guys

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