HK trip – First day (February 13th) – Hello Hong Kong

by Dandy H & Bro.

Hello Mister,

Hong Kong International Airport

Hong Kong International Airport

In February 12th 2012, I had a chance to go to Hong Kong for several days to study and learn more about what other people from different country think about denim and other vintage goods

As a solo traveler, this trip was the most unprepared trip I ever had, a lot of experience that is different with my others well prepared trip, a funny and crazy things happened in this lovely country

I have to transfer in Singapore’s Changi for several hour, experience the loneliness of a tight budget traveler for a while, had a drink and hainam rice for dinner (preparing for having a Chinese food in Hong Kong)

Bought my idol Red Hot Chili Peppers’s Front man, Anthony Kiedies Biography “Scar Tissue” a nice friend for me as a lonely traveler.

Double Decker

Arrived in Hong Kong with a lot of expectation that Hong Kong is a modern country with sky scrapper on the mountain,

And what i saw was true, Hong Kong is a very fascinating country with fast paced life tempo.

I have a difficult to find everything there, but there is a lot of Indonesian in Hong Kong, so all i need to do was find them and ask for help

Enjoying The Scenery

Enjoying The Scenery


So, Let’s go to the city !!!