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Take 5 Hong Kong

Take 5 Hong Kong

Take 5 Hong Kong

Hello Mister,

Take 5 Hong Kong is one of the most popular denim shop in the world, especially in Asia.

Having a chance to visit them almost like visit Eiffel tower for me

Wall of Jeans

Wall of Jeans

Meet Yetta Chan and Llyod Lo is one of the best experience for me, not only they really know a lot of thing about denim, they are also kind and cool.

You can find a lot of Japanese denim here in Take 5, from Samurai jeans, The Flat Head, Pure Blue Japan, Momotaro jeans, Iron Heart, Warehouse, Pherrow etc.

Take 5 often make a collaboration product with the brands that they carry, for example an exclusive Momotaro jeans with peach fruit on the backpocket.

You can also find leather goods accessories like Redmoon and Kawatako

The Leather Accessories

The Leather Accessories

The Leather Goods

The Leather Goods

There is also a big loaded of Lightning magazines that i think was translated into Cantonese language.

And you can find silver sterling – Native American designed jewelries by First Arrow in Take 5. which crafted by hand with great details on every piece of the artwork.

Take 5 is a heaven for denim heads all over the world, their purpose to spread American culture in Asia is not an easy task, but Benny really working hard on it, that’s why American culture is more popular now in Hong Kong

Loaded of American Culture Magazines

Loaded of American Culture Magazines

And to meet Benny Seki himself is an experienced that I will never forget in my lifetime, is like meet an Idol for me,

Benny Seki have a big connection with everybody who are related to this American Culture things in Japan, and in the world

With his vision to spread the American culture through fashion, Benny is one of the most successful man in my opinion

I also discussed about PRACT with him, and ask for his opinion about the products itself, and input is very precious for me to improve the quality of the products.

With Take 5 Crew

With Take 5 Crew

Benny Seki and Me

Benny Seki and Me

Eighth day (July 12th) – Samurai Jeans !!

Samurai Jeans, Osaka

Hello Mister,


After taking shinkansen from Nagoya to Osaka on 0700 in the morning, finally I get back to my hostel in Osaka,

I have been waiting for this day from the first day in Japan, the day that i will visit Samurai jeans in Osaka.

We rented a bicycle to go to Samurai office, after asking for the direction with the hostel staff, finally I marked the map and ready to cycling all over the way to Samurai office.

Unfortunately, the weather turns bad, and became rainy, all we can do is keep cycling to our destination.

Rain is not enough for our day, we got lost in when we find the subway exit gate (as our check point go get to Samurai office) so we got wet.

But everything is paid when finally we came to the front of the Samurai Office.

Nogami-san's Vintage Car

Samurai Front Office Banner

And then we met with our contact, Sandy and then tell us to sit down ant wait for a moment. And then I got very nervous when i saw someone inside the office (we wait outside the office) with blonde hair,white T shirt and denim shorts, Yes he is Nogami-san, The Samurai boss.

Nogami-san and Sandy

Sandy introduced us to the boss, and then we explained why we are there and why Samurai jeans, and what we are doing back home.

Like all the other masters i have visited before, I showed Nogami-san of my previous Japanese fabric jeans to him, I feel very happy that he like some of the details, but I know there is still a long way to go to make a perfect jeans.

Nogami-san inspected ESRE

And Nogami-san introduced us to one of his staff, Shin-Ichiro Tao who is the designer of Samurai jeans, he also inspected ESRE that I bring to Japan.

Tao-san Inspected ESRE

After that we are going upstairs to do the interview with Nogami-san about Samurai Jeans, from A to Z.

At first Sandy think that my Japanese will be hard to understand, but until I try to convince her and test my Japanese, They think it is good enough., so the interview is going on, funny and great.

Interviewing Nogami-san in Samurai shop, Osaka

Nogami-san is a very kind and funny man

Before I go to the next part of this journal, I would like to share with you guys the ambiance of the Samurai store in Osaka.

The Ambiance is very nice, with wooden interior, Gloomy lighting,  Vintage machinery and over hundred collection of Samurai items.

The Ambiance of the Shop

Samurai Jeans Collection

And More Collection !!!

After the interview is finished, we are going back down to have a chit chat together, and I introduced Nogami-san to Indonesian cigarettes.

I also bring IDC 2011 T- shirt and asked him to signed it for me, because for me, meet Nogami-san is like a boy meet his idol. Nogami-san also gave me a gift, Samurai book, a magazine by Bros publisher that talked about everything about Samurai Jeans, Including Samurai S/S 2011 collection.

The IDC 2011 T Shirt signed by Nogami-san

For Dandy Harun

After have a conversation I go upstairs once more to buy something from Samurai shop in Osaka, and of course have them signed by Samurai boss. Also my cousin who help me with my trip also ask me to buy him Samurai jeans and ask me to get him jeans a sign of Nogami-san too.

I cant help myself to buy something from Samurai shop

Signed, signed, signed

Since we’ve done all the things we should do, it is time for us to get back to our hostel, with a sad feeling that we have to leave Samurai Office,but we have a great experience in Samurai Office, I hope next time I have a chance to go there again or meet them somewhere.


Keep reading !!


Thank you Samurai Jeans