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Thai trip – Overview

Thailand's Beautiful Culture

Hello Mister,


I have write down almost everything about my Thai trip on last September-October.

I have find and learn about a lot of new things like Thailand local denim brand, the culture, and meet a lot of new friend and old friend, I hope my trip can help you see a new thing about the world and denim itself, and hopefully help me with my new project.

TK and Tar

I experienced a lot of new things in Thailand, like riding Tuktuk, pray in Buddhist temple, etc and it is such a wonderful experience for me.

Tuktuk Workshop

Tabuchi-san and Kishimoto-san

HQ Hostel, where I stayed while I was in Bangkok


I hope I can have a trip like this again this year.


Signed by Manabe-san, The President of Japan Blue Co.


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Thai trip – Last day (October 3rd) – Discover Bangkok Final Part

Grand Palace


Hello Mister,


This is my last day in Bangkok, and I decided to discover Bangkok alone for today.

After asking for a recommendation with the hostel crew, I decided to go to Big Gold sleeping Buddha and Grand Palace by River boat in Chao Phraya river.

The Scenery from Chao Phraya river


On this post I would like to share about the beautiful scenery in Bangkok, so there will be a lot of pictures in this post than the word i will write.

First stop is The Reclining Buddha in Wat Pho, Bangkok, a very big sleeping Buddha in pure gold is very very jaw breaking for tourist like me, and this place is used for Thai people to pray.

There is also a temple around the Reclining Buddha, that is look very similar to the temple in Java Island, Indonesia.

The Sleeping Buddha in Pure Gold


Wat Pho, in the same complex with the Reclining Buddha

Look at the statue, it is a mix of Thai culture with western culture

The Next one is the Grand Palace where the king lives, there is also a museum in Grand Palace with a lot of Cultural things that is interesting for tourists.

The Grand Palace is so big and there is also a Temple inside for Thai to pray, but they don’t allow a pictures nor video inside the temple.

The Grand Palace from outside

The Thai Statue

The Wall Paintings in Grand Palace


There is a lot of beautiful pictures that I cant share here in my journal, because I cant post them all in here, after spending a good times there, I go back to my hostel and having the last conversation with the hostel staff who helped me a lot and say goodbye to some of my friend there,sadly I have to go back home to Indonesia.


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Lets go back home, Next destination, Suvarnabhumi Airport

Thai trip – Fifth day (October 2nd) – Discover Bangkok Part 2

Chatuchak Weekend Market


Hello Mister,


I would like to continue about my journal in Bangkok. Since Days ago I continued my Japan journal and now I would like to tell you more about Bangkok.

Today is Sunday, so I have a chance to go to the famous weekend market in Bangkok, Chatuchak market.

In the morning I met a new friend in hostel, name Romele from Philippine, who working in big game developer company in Singapore.

Hello Romele


I invited him to come with me to Chatuchak with Tar and Gor (that we will meet them in Chatuchak) and before we are going there, Romele treat me a breakfast in Burger King.

I enjoyed the time talking with Romele, he is a very nice guy, he just spending his weekend in Thailand, and going back to Singapore today.

Finally we arrived in Chatuchak and amazed with the condition of the market, very big and crowded, a lot of local people and tourist go there to shopping.

Thumbs up !


Waiting a minutes for Tar and Gor, we are so lucky to have them with us,because they now everything about this market, if we not shopping with Thai people we will get lost (guaranteed).

We find a lot of cool things there, from Thai’s local brand, Traditional souvenir, and used items.

Gor, Tar, please lead the way


Buying some souvenirs and things in Chactuchak, after that we decided to go to Isetan for the last time (for me, because i have to go back to Indonesia on Monday,means tomorrow)

I have a chance to meet Manabe-san , the president of Japan Blue Co. and have my Momotaro pouch signed by him.

Momotaro jeans had a workshop to share about the best quality denim fabric from Okayama, Japan, and explain why it is so great and expensive (price explain the quality). Gor helped them explained in Thai.

Some of the photos is blurred because little thing going wrong with my camera (very sucks)

The Workshop


After the event I having the late lunch with Romele and Tar, because Romele is going back to Singapore in the evening, we decided to eat at Thai restaurant in Central world.

And after that I am going to Siam Paragon to buy something and having the last coffee with Tar and discussed and share about a lot of things happen in our life.

Late lunch with Romele and Tar


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